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A journey called Cancure Foundation that started way back in 2007, has traversed many a milestones, each of them getting evolved as time passes. From providing financial succor to poor patients, to creating awareness on the importance of early detection, to conducting free cancer screening camps, to setting up Karuthal Centres for anyone to walk in and clarify their doubts on cancer, to building our own palliative care centre, to the running of a state-of-the-art mobile mammogram unit, to launching a full-fledged Dialysis Centre for poor patients. We have come a long way. When we look back now, it is indeed heartening to see those lives that we could touch upon with varying degrees of support, smiling back at us - it is more fulfilling than any success that we achieved in this materialistic world. Initiatives like Cancure is something that helps one to make our lives more meaningful and worthy of being remembered even past our times. We have been growing steadily over the years by adding many noble hearts to our fold.

We keep looking for more such hands to make our journey even more purposeful and meaningful. Please let us know if you are ready to hold hands with us in our journey forward. Though we wish to travel this journey together discuss with you, if you feel like making only a one time support for now, please feel free to click the ‘Support’ button on this page and make your contribution. Every drop makes an ocean, and you too will thus be a part of this noble project reaching out to one of those lives in their moments of need. May our tribe grow and help Cancure touch more lives with its soothing and caring hands, and say “We Can Cure”.

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