Patient Support Scheme

With a supporting hand, valuable treatments don't end up in expensive bills.

About Patient Support Scheme

Cancer treatment is exceptionally expensive and in most cases the treatment become impossible due to late detection of its onset. So our main thrust is on promoting the awareness creation on the importance of early detection. However so helpless are those who get identified as patients and have no resources to even try for a cure. Cancure Foundation initiated a patient support scheme in association with many hospitals as well as its pharmacy partner Maria Pharma, by providing support for treatment and medicines to the poor and economically backward cancer patients in our society.

So if any around us need assistance and do not have a place to look up to, you do not feel helpless. Cancure volunteers will guide you to the best available resources and facilities to try and give you a new lease of life. Because we know it’s not just about giving hope but it is about making a difference.

Let's build this Foundation together.

The power of giving back.

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