Stop dreading cancer
prevent it.

It's a myth to belive that getting cancer is simply due to bad luck or genetic factors. Experts belive that up to half of cases can be prevented through lifestyle changes. It is never too late to make changes to your lifestyles. Around 10% of cancers diagnosed are associated with poor dietary lifestyles. A great number more lives can be saved if people with symptoms seek help and get treated earlier. Why not do our bit ot spread awareness on the needy for early detection and prevention of cancer?

Cancer is fatal
if not treated in time.

Cancer becomes deadly if not diagnosed and treated in time. Timely medication and proper treatment can cure cancer.However, we see cancer taking awaythe lives of many every day -especially the less fortunate amongst us who cannot afford expensive treatment facilities and costly medicines. They are left to perish and with them the hopes of their entire families. Can't we step in to help them in their hour of need and save such precious lives?

Life after cancer
the tornado effect

What is more frightening than cancer is the impact of cancer. An attack of cancer can have devastating effects on the patients and their families. While treatment drains their savings on the one hand,cancer leaves them incapable of generating income on the other. Picking up the broken pieces and beginning life all over again in the aftermath of a cancer attack can be more threatening than the disease itself. Can't we extend a helping hand to usher these families back into the mainstream society?

Cancure Foundation
sharing is caring

We can contribute in different ways to help the patients fight and survive the disease. Patients need financial, medical and motivational support. Money is welcome. Volunteers are welcome too. Pitch in with your time,talents and resources.

Cancure foundation
sharing is caring

The aim of Cancure Foundation is to spread awareness on prevention and early detection of cancer, to provide financial support for diagnostic tests,purchase of drugs, treatment,palliative care for the terminally ill, and rehabilitation after treatment.

let's combat cancer HAND IN HAND

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You can save a life


Cancure Foundation takes all efforts to identify the needy and provide support when and where it's needed the most. Many a times the expense for the treatment of cancer is quite exorbitant. Mother Teresa once said, "Everything we do is only a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be poorer, if not for each drop".

Even a contribution as low as Rs. 1000/- would add up to settle one patient's medical bills. So do not hesitate to contact us to connect, collaborate and contribute. A rupee spared could be a life saved !